Prioritize? Maybe yes. I have been thinking about a blog ever since I was 16 but couldn’t actually come up with anything substantial well mainly because I was dumb enough not to understand what really mattered. Trust me I don’t, not even now. Well the very name of the blog has a story and a story quite disturbing. Trust me people the day I heard the phrase “Priority changes” I was infuriated and was so damn angry that I wept. Yes I wept hard enough to let my soulĀ  cry. I let him cry out loud. I was hurt because that statement was used by a Friend for a Friend whom she called BFF.

So now you know why I came in this world of BLOGGING? To make a change. Yes, to make a change. I understand that Priority Changes but relationships? Is that suppose to change too? I don’t know. Maybe you could help me!

So before someone else tells you that Priority Changes, you better prioritize the elements of your life baby!